About me

I’m a father, entrepreneur, investor and author. I like running

MSc, Computer Science, Tallinn University of Technology
Interests: robotics, AI, quantum physics & spirituality, VR/AR, blockchain, space

Vice President of the Estonian Olympic Committee (2020- …)
Board member of the International School Sport Federation (2018- …)
President of the Estonian School Sports Union (2011-2021)
Member of the Estonian Parliament (2007-2019) (Estonian Reform Party)
President of the Läänemaa sports association Läänela (2007-2010)
Board member of the Estonian Reform Party (2003-2007)
President of the Estonian Reform Party Youth (2003-2005)
Member of the Haapsalu City Council (2002- …)
Board member of the Tallinn University of Technology Student Council (2002-2004)
Council member of the Estonian Evangelical Lutheran Church Haapsalu Congregation (1999- …)

Co-Founder, CTO at Cuploop
Co-Founder/investor at LeVinum
Founder of startup Paype (2014-2016)
Council member of Tehnopol
Former council member at TUT, financial institutions: Kredex, MES, HMN, IT company Andmevara AS and Tehvandi Spordikeskus SA

World champion in marathon running for parliament members. PB 2:47

Lauri Luik